Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. When does the vendor get to start adding products after buying a subscription pack?

    A. As soon as the checkout is completed, the vendors will be by site adminatrator enabled to add thier products according to the pack to which they subscribed.

  • Q. What will happen to a vendor’s published products when their subscription expires?

    C. The status of the store's goods will be "pending review" ,until the subscription is paid

  • Q. Where can I see the remaining number of products I can add?

    A. The remaining number of products you can add will show up on your vendor dashboard.

  • Q. Will deleting a published product count against my quota?

    A. Yes. If your subscription pack allows you to publish 10 products, you can only publish 10 products. However, if you delete one or more products after publishing them, your quota will be restored by the amount you deleted. So that if you delete two products, you can publish 2 products again.

  • Q. Unable to add new products.

    A. vendors need to purchase a subscription before they can add any new product to the marketplace.

  • Q. Subscription pack disappears from the cart when purchasing.

    A. Subscription pack needs to be purchased alone. The seller may not purchase a subscription pack and another product from your shop at the same time. In short, if you’re a seller , you need to buy a subscription pack, proceed to checkout with the cart, finish the transaction and then buy any other product you want to purchase.

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